Wanderfactor.com is for sale.

Wanderfactor.com is for sale! Wander factor can mean a few things:

  1. Wander Factor is the ratio of actual travel distance to straight line difference. Donnelly, D. M., United States. Forest Service., Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (Fort Collins, C. (1978). Computing average skidding distance for logging areas with irregular boundaries and variable log density. Online reference here.
  2. It can also be a combination of two popular terms: Wander which means to walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way and Factor which means a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result or outcome.
  3. Wander factor is also a calculation used navigation: WF = 2.625 x GS, where WF = wander factor – the correction of 1° track change during a 2 minute shot, and GS = groundspeed in knots.   Also since the wander factor is based on a 2 minute shot we can correct for a shorter than 2 minute shot by multiplying by the shot duration divided by 2 Finally to correct from a perpendicular distance to a correction applied to the Ho requires the factor sin (Zn TK). Read more here: The Navigator, Volumes 30-33 Front Cover Department of the Air Force, Air Training Command, 1983 – Navigation (Aeronautics)

    Wanderfactor.com is for sale.
    Wander Factor calculation as used for navigation.

Why buy Wanderfactor.com?

  • It is just short enough at 12 characters long.
  • It is easy to remember, especially if heard on the radio.
  • It has the dot com extension, the most widely used and respected generic domain type in use.

This domain has some search engine optimisation value; however we are not recommending it to use as a private blog network, instead, the value of this domain should come from the name itself. This blog was previously used for a travel event, and below are some of the metrics from this domain history. Note, all are subject to change after this time of writing! :

  • It has a Majestic Trust Flow (TF) of 6 and Citation Flow (CF) of 5; to read more about TF & CF go here. This
  • It has a page rank of 2 – note this is seldom used anymore
  • It currently has 9 backlinks
  • It is categorised in the travel and hospitality sector.
  • It has 3 records saved in Archive.org between August 4, 2018 and August 6, 2019. Here you can the conference site that it was previously used for.
Wanderfactor.com is for sale.
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Wanderfactor.com is for sale.
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Wanderfactor.com is for sale.
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How can you use WanderFactor.com?

Because of its definition, Wander Factor can be use use for travel, logging, and navigation.

  • Site can be used as a retail site for outdoor equipment.
  • Site can be used for a travel agency
  • A travel social media site or app
  • A great name for hiking equipment
  • Its a great name for research company, as many discoveries are found on the periphery, wandering from the original start point!
  • A great name for GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) software company.
  • A great name for mathematical consulting firm, for finding deviations and outliers in big data.
  • A company that producing maps or atlases.
  • An expedition company.
  • A logging or forestry business.
  • A salvaging operation business.
  • A touring company.

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